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Coach, author and educator Jay Unwin has developed a range of effective online resources to help you develop a healthy active family lifestyle, and build a brighter, healthier, happier future!

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Your thoughts and beliefs determine your actions, and so the results you get in life will rely on your mindset. Learn how to develop the mental fortitude to achive lasting health and happiness.

Family Activities

Getting active as a family has the double impact of boosting your health and improving your relationships. Discover simple strategies to build these activities into your lifestyle.

Food & Nutrition

Diets don't work, that has been proven. Instead, try making simple and sustainable habit changes in your daily routine. If you need tips and advice I've got you covered.

Working Out

Instead of hitting the gym for an hour every day, learn my philosophy of sustainable fitness routines. Can you spare five minutes per day to get fitter and stronger? Let me show you how.

Family Fit Inner Circle

Get started on your journey to a healthy active family lifestyle with support from an expert coach and the Inner Circle community.

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6-Month Lifestyle Development Programme

For parents who are SERIOUS about changing their lives, and the lives of the people they love. This is the real deal, 26 weeks of in-depth lessons, tasks and reflection. - COMING SOON!

The Book

If you haven't read this yet, what's going on?! This is the book which started it all, the book which considers the principles upon which the courses here are built.

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